Disagreeing by Ignoring: The problem with the left-liberal

I am a Millenial, Generation Y, whatever you want to call it. I was born in the early 1980s and grew up with the internet, freedom of the 90s and liberalism of the 2000s. It is this liberalism that is causing a problem, and not because it is progressive. Liberalism and progressive ideologies is an…

Four Atheists Walked Into A Bar.

Usually, a joke about people walking to a bar includes a selection of different people of opposing, or different views, resulting in humor. And in the case of my title it sounds like a terrible joke without any conflict, thus no humor… and you would be half right, there is no humor. But there is conflict….

The Rational Agnostic

Recently someone said to me: “All rational agnostics are atheist by default.”
I had to correct them.

Tribal Tech Lies

Technology has removed diversity… we are becoming more disconnected as we connect.

Naive Arrogance

There is a common problem when dealing with children that any teacher will experience on a weekly basis, or if they are lucky, less often. The process goes something like this: Mrs Lucy: “Jacky, please move to this seat over here.” Jacky: “Why?” Mrs Lucy: “Because I asked you to.” Jacky: “That is not a good…

Story – The Mistake I Made

The biggest mistake ever made was to create time. Many people have suggested the biggest mistake was humans, or the Earth, or the universe itself, but they are wrong.

Story – A Dream Ago

The inside of the tent was lit only by a small block of ice that also served to cook the kindling in the pot.

Unimportant Truths

Science thrives on belief, if we treasure that belief and hope in what could be then we discover what is.